Training Offered

The Exellior training and coaching is developed with the emphasis on reinforcing behaviour that most positively influences image, result, performance and customer experience. The objective is the realisation of a lasting behavioural change that delivers a positive contribution to the objectives of the enterprise.

Exellior develops and gives training to the following among others:

  • Executive Boards
  • Teams of Directors
  • Various levels/positions of management
  • Specialists (medical, consultants, IT)
  • Salespeople, (key) account managers and internal salespeople
  • Support services (MA, PA, policy and reception staff, planners)


Our trainings are usually customised programmes.

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Open training

Our available open registration trainings are listed below:


Training Duration Location Price  
Management 6 months Nieuwegein, NL € 4.377,- More info
Sales 5 months Nieuwegein, NL € 3.131,- More info
Management (cont.) 3 months Nieuwegein, NL € 2.156,- More info
Personal Effectiveness 4 months Nieuwegein, NL € 2.850,- More info
Management Government Board 8 months Nieuwegein, NL € 4.950,- More info
Management Government Department heads 3 months Nieuwegein, NL € 2.588,- More info
Support Services, Power in your Work! Government 4 months Nieuwegein, NL € 2.850,- More info