Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis



To provide you with more information about our methods and to inform you why our participants gave Exellior a Net Promoter Score® of 78, we are happy to introduce our clients to you. Contact us for information. To give you an idea you will find reactions from three clients below.


For more than 15 years Rob Mali (partner at Exellior) and I have been bumping into each other. Wherever I went, there was Rob. At NS, Flevoland Police, Nijmegen Municipality and now at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht. As A trainer Rob is inspiring, sleek, sharp and humorous. I was at every training he gave. And every time he helped me to sharpen important basic principles of leadership and management.


He knows how to apply commercial principles to the public domain. Issues such as the importance of preparation, letting the other person come with ideas, understanding the client, motivating people and displaying exemplary behaviour as a manager and daring to take decisions are applicable to every organization that wants to move forward. The Exellior trainings are characterised by a good coupling between the training days and application in daily practice. And that fits well into the motto of our hospital: je don’t just work here to make patients better, but also to become better at your job too!


The Albert Schweitzer Hospital is a Top Clinical Hospital located in the Drechtsteden. 250 medical specialists in 35 different specialisations work here. They are supported by approximately professionals and volunteers. The hospital is therefore the largest employer in its own region. The ambitions are high and the organizational culture is characterised by strong focus on quality, safety, transparency and its patient-friendliness. Learning and training contribute to improvement.