Allianz is one of the largest insurers in the world and is active in more than 70 countries with financial services including life and damage insurances and  asset management.


For more than 15 years, Exellior has fulfilled an important role in the development of our sales people in the Netherlands.


Allianz finds a stable, long-term relationship with behaviour specialists important for the development of a unified sales culture. Participants reinforce each other better when the ‘language’ is the same.


Characteristic of the relationship with Exellior are the challenging stimuli for management and the sustainability of the intended change in the participants. Allianz expects quality and discipline in fulfilling promises from its partners, in the same way  Allianz strives to do the same for its clients. Exellior lives up to this expectation. ‘Practice what you preach’ is appropriate here.


Participants in various basic and advanced Exellior trainings are and were: account managers and account advisors of which a large part of sales management also followed the Exellior trainings. Not everyone is equally capable of reflection but the large majority of the dozens of colleagues have grown in the degree of concreteness; their negotiation techniques; their presentation and the client profile.


The format of an Exellior training consists to a large extent out of preparation in order to translate the business objectives into training goals at any point in time.   During the training period there is regular contact about the progress and expected result and there is always management participation at the beginning and end of a training day. Prior to, during and after the training days there is contact between  Allianz and Exellior. Ultimately, in a debriefing,  the results are checked against expectations and where appropriate, anchoring agreements are made. Exellior knows the Allianz organization and our sector in detail. Obviously the participants find themselves in a trusted environment, in the presence of trainers who know the challenges the participants face in daily practice.


If the formula works in a challenging industry such as Finance then it must surely work for other industries. Whether we are manufacturer or distributor, whether we work in profit or non-profit organizations, the modus operandi of Exellior is universal. At the end of the chain there is always a client or someone else who has an interest in quality and professionalism.


Han Baartmans

Manager Organization and Planning

Allianz Nederland Groep NV