One thing that characterises Exellior is definitely the personal, positive approach and the way the training is put together. Not 3 or 4 consecutive days of training but deliberately leaving 3 to 4 weeks between the training days. This gives every participant the opportunity to practice, to experience and to prepare properly for the next day.  The focus lies not just with making the training itself successful, but to help the participants to grow and eventually to excel. In almost 3 years,  Exellior has trained about 80 employees for me; the common denominator was creating awareness, because that’s the basis for everything.


By being aware of how you communicate, you also become aware of how the other party reacts and communicates. From this starting point, goals are set out and an essential part of realising goals in the contribution of the team leader himself. In between the training days I acted as an answer box and coach for my team participants. Not only was that viewed by the participants as an extremely positive experience, but you stay sharp and keep learning too.


As a tip I would express the expectations very clearly to each other and take plenty of time to examine the goals and the direction. In this way, you know exactly how the different days will progress and what days need to be anchored in your agenda. Then you can leave your employees/colleagues in the capable hands of Exellior trainers worry-free, since they always look for the positive in everyone. A foundation you can build upon.


I still apply the experiences of these trainings in my work and in my web shop every day


Michael Jaeger

Process Manager Change Management