ALD Automotive



ALD Automotive is one of the largest car lease companies worldwide, operating in 40 countries with more than a million contracts.

We have worked with Exellior for six years. They play an important role in the development of our employees and therefore in the realisation of our ambitions and change from car lease company to mobility provider.


In our experience, what distinguishes Exellior are the professionalism, collaboration and delivering on promises. They are clearly aware of how to make the link between their training and our strategic  priorities.

All our employees are trained according to the same principles, so that employees can reinforce each other, and more importantly: offer a distinctive service to our clients.


There is an introductory training through Exellior and they have had significant input into the ALD Academy, a development programme for talent.


The trainers, the speed and variety of the trainings are experienced as very positive. They are flexible, result-oriented and respond to current events without losing sight of our strategy and our core values.

During the training period there is enough contact and feedback. But also afterwards, there is a debriefing where the results are examined against expectations.


In short, we are extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Exellior and expect to make use of their services quite often in future.