Training phase 1

You work at/represent a company and Exellior assumes it is your own choice to work there, that it starts with your own decision. By doing so, you conform to the objectives of the organization. In the training we make you aware of your position in relation to the objectives of the organization. Do you believe in them?

  • How do you look at your environment?
  • What do you expect for the future?
  • What does and does not motivate you?
  • And how does that affect your behaviour?


Training phase 2

Now that we have determined your own behaviour, we will teach you to discover the position of others in relation to the (organization) objectives and the desired behaviour.

  • Are they on the same page?
  • What are their expectations?
  • Are you prepared to listen to them?
  • Do you have listeners for your motivation?


Training phase 3

In this phase, we examine the effects of your own behaviour and that of others.

Knowledge into action!

Next you will learn how to stimulate positive motion and to guide undesirable motion in the direction of your goal. You initiate changes that can be followed by others.



Training phase 4

Ensuring lasting change. In this phase we look at the desired collective behaviour (vision, strategy, core values, image supportive behaviour) and this requires follow-up at individual level to constantly facilitate the personal growth of the employee. This is transferred to the managers of the company. In this way we teach boards and managers to keep the learning process active in future.


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