About us


We set people in motion by motivating them to increase the effectiveness of their behaviour.



Exellior is the recommended organization for the achievement of lasting behavioural changes.


Core values

  • We are what we train, say and do.
  • Our goal is the PWR® (Positive Working Relationship)
  • We deliver results.
  • We enjoy what we do.
  • We work from the plus.
  • Everything we deliver is top quality.


“Quality without results makes no sense, but of course results and no enjoyment is also a disaster”


Johan Cruijff


Who are Exellior?

The partners and staff are extremely experienced behavioural trainers. We specialize in the development and performance of processes that bring lasting change to the behaviour of, among others, top management, management, consultants, salespersons and internal sales staff. All partners and staff are able to provide personalised customised work. Due to our many years of experience we have transcended the ‘tricks’ training. We have a positive attitude, are driven and bring energy. Every participant is inspired by us and motivated to learn.  “Practice what you preach” is our motto. We are what we train.


What does Exellior do?

Your course, vision of the future and long term goals require supportive behaviour. Exellior brings behaviour at every level in the organization in line with the course, so that everyone can contribute to the business objectives through his tasks and role and in particular through his behaviour.  We, like no other, are able to help people to look positively at themselves, their capabilities and their business. Show them that they can influence their environment by their behaviour. Therefore, they are not dependent; they are “in control.”


What is the philosophy?

In our approach, responsibility for your own behaviour is central. It is the way a person decides to face the environment. Professionally or personally, behaviour must be consistent to come across as natural. A person’s behaviour must also suit the norms, values, wishes and demands of the organization for which he works.  The basis of our philosophy is that your own expectations determine your behaviour, that you have an influence on your own behaviour and that of others because your expectation is your own decision, your own choice. We teach people how, with a positive approach to your environment and events they have the most chance of success. We always operate from the plus and work with people’s qualities instead of their shortcomings.

Exellior delivers results in all sectors. Well-ordered activities and processes are the basis for results. We are convinced that the difference between organizations, profit or non-profit, is determined by the attitude and the behaviour of the people who work there. We believe that attitudes, behaviour and skills are deciding factors. Exellior works in all sectors: IT companies, hospitals, police, banks, insurance companies, service providers, municipalities, production companies, pharmaceutical companies, publishers, media companies and all others. The size of the organization of our clients varies from 2 to 200,000 employees.


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